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Month: August, 2013

Attractive Roommates


Stop living with people you’re attracted to. It will only end in sex and tears. Likely simultaneously.

There are two options:

1. You fall in love and get married and have a ton of pets and babies and live in the same apartment for the rest of your lives in a cloud of domestic bliss.

2. One of you has to move out.

Do you really want to move? Moving is the worst. You hate moving. (Clearly, you also hate going outside and meeting other attractive humans, but I hope one’s a much simpler fix than the other.)

Don’t sleep with your roommate. Sleep with literally anyone else in the whole wide… city of New York.


Ask MMM: Gingers

Name: Pot Stirrer
Question: How come men don’t like red heads or vice versa?


Oh, you want to discuss the apparently polarizing sexuality of gingers both male and female? Your question makes little to no sense, so I’m flying blind here, but let’s go.

Redheads are crazy, and definitely more interesting than the rest of us peons. Dudes who go for ginger ladies are seeking out some strange in their lives. I love a ginger obsession – it means you’re open to weirdness.

Ladies who go for ginger dudes? Even more into them. They give no fucks. Plus, an especially attractive male ginger is, in essence, a unicorn. Nothing polarizing about that, it’s incredible. GET ON BOARD.

In summation: gingers are doing it better than the rest of us. I’m relatively certain that they have better love lives than everyone else. It’s just a hunch, but I’m sticking to it. Something about the stereotype of fiery tempers and sharp tongues is sexual. Run with it. Everyone chase the redheads. They’re an endangered species. Sleep with ’em while you have the chance.