Ask MMM: Four Opinions on Unrelated Topics

by Modern Miss Manners

Loyal Reader’s Name: Engin

Website (Rad company he started that provides a visual diary of your belongings):


Loyal Reader’s On-Point Series of Valid Cultural Questions:

1. Spitting?

Not unless you’re running in public. In jogging gear.

2. Leather pants? 

Like most things, they look undeniably hot on humans with no body fat. If you’re worried you might have to cut them off of yourself with surgical scissors, don’t put the leather pants on. Don’t do it.

3. Sleepover etiquette?

If you’re referring to the adult kind of sleepover, allow me to direct you to an earlier post on (drumroll, please) Adult Sleepover Protocol. Also, the answer to every sleepover question is “build a pillow fort.”

4. Almost-bald-on-the-sides-but-lotsa-hair-on-top type of haircut?

That is some devastatingly handsome shit.