Advice for Dudes: Walking a Lady Home at Night

by Modern Miss Manners

The good deed of walking a lady home or to the train (especially if she’s a “romantic interest”) gives a dude the ability to appear world-weary in stature and looks… and therefore that much more attractive… to the entire lady world!

Ladies will think it’s rad that you understand the world is FULLA DANGERS… but you’re not expecting anything in return for this courtesy.

You’ll go down in the books as fucking perfect, especially if you hold her hand and kiss her real good like up against a wall if she’s into it but not in a rapey way. (I dunno, feel that situation out – anyhow, she’ll appreciate you, and if all both of you want is to get laid then that’s a pretty goddamn simple setup: you vs. all other possible creeps in the city, so you’re basically a god at that moment. Take the chance.)

All set. Go get ’em, tiger!