Host + Guest Etiquette (BFF EDITION)

by Modern Miss Manners

I’m about to turn 25, and slight panic I feel about hitting an inevitable quarter-life crisis (drunken ramblings on the loss of my youth, a questionable new hair color, briefly considering purchasing ten cats and resigning myself to a life of loneliness) aside, I keep finding myself thinking about etiquette as I grow older – if not wiser – as that level of self-awareness has always been synonymous with maturity in my mind.

There are two important types of etiquette to be well familiar with if you’re living in NYC: guest etiquette and host etiquette. Whether it’s your best friend visiting for the weekend, an adult sleepover or even – gods help us – your parents, you have to be prepared for anything. It’s the way of adulthood. Making other people feel special fucking rules – and with these precious moments comes grown-up-feeling respect, which you’ll well deserve.

I’ll kick things off with visiting BFF etiquette, because I’m all about letting the good times roll.

BFF Visiting from Outta Town

Host: To start, favorite alcohol and snacks should be on hand. This is your BFF, traveling all the way from wherever to visit your sorry ass. Don’t grumble. Do it. Also, be prepared for an awesome sleepover party (clean towels, clean sheets, mental prep for pillow and covers-sharing time) – this is gonna be the best weekend EVER, dude! Time to make friendship bracelets (or buy them, your call), get too drunk at brunch and tell elaborate lies to good-looking strangers in bars. It’s your weekend to shine, don’t let poor planning and your filthy apartment get in the way of things.

Guest: Get ready to drop dollars. You’re the visitor: they’re taking you out, and you’re paying for dinner (at least once, we’re not all millionaires here). Buy your BFF drinks, listen to her talk about what makes her sad, be open to any sort of adventure she suggests. She’s doing it all for your entertainment – and she probably can’t talk to anyone else the way she can talk to you. There will be dish sessions. There might be tears. There will also be wild dancing and endless gigglefests. Seems like a fair trade to me.