Host + Guest Etiquette: Adult Sleepover Edition

by Modern Miss Manners

Doing the grown-up is fun, but the morning after is usually the worst, as waking up in someone else’s apartment or waking up with another person in your bed is just… annoying. Sometimes. Navigate accordingly!

Adult Sleepover Host: You’re on your own turf here, so first of all: I hope you did some of your best work. Mazel tov. Share the covers. Have toilet paper. Offer the old “toothpaste on the finger” trick. Not living in filth to begin with is always a plus, too – but sometime guests are a welcome surprise, am I right? I’m right. Wait to high five your roommate (or yourself) until your guest has left the building. High fives with your guest, however, are welcome at any time.

Adult Sleepover Guest: Your pride is on the line, if you give a damn about that sort of thing – or if it’s a possibly-one-time affair. The morning after can be tricky, as you are likely uncomfortable, probably got little to no sleep and are desperately in need of a shower. Hopefully you’re into the aforementioned high five, if you both brought your a-game, and you can slink off into the too-bright day feeling content. As that is far less likely if you’re a female guest, just do your best to leave without looking and smelling like a sad whore. Keep it light. Grab a cab. Sleep it off. You did good, bud.